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Truffle Zest up Your breakfast Scramble!


Oprah has truffle zest in her purse at all times, and asks hotels to stock it in her room. When did this obsession begin?

Every famous person worth their salt has an eccentric green room gimmick—something truly unnecessary that they demand to have on hand at all times.

Oprah’s one non-negotiable demand, it turns out, is truffles. The billionaire media mogul asks hotels to make sure there’s a jar of truffle salt in the room before she arrives, and she has her assistants and security personnel carry jars at all times so that she’s never more than a few feet away from truffle backup. If there was a massive blizzard, and she was on lockdown, roughing it in a Park Hyatt for several months, she would have enough truffles to see her through the storm. She has even been known to breeze into restaurants with entire fresh white truffles (which can cost between $200 and $1000 a piece) and ask the chef to shave them onto her meal.

According to Oprah’s blog, it all started in 2008 when Lisa Marie Presley sent her a gift basket full of food items that included truffle salt. Oprah became swiftly enthralled. In the years that followed, truffle products from a variety of importers and producers started to materialize in droves on Oprah’s year-end “Favorite Things” lists: truffle popcorn, truffle oils, truffle grits, truffle goat cheese embellished with succulents for some reason, and entire gift baskets full of nothing but truffle potato chips.

In the December 2012 issue of O, Oprah wrote, “How do I love truffle butter? Let me count the ways. On a baked potato, on grilled steak, on a sourdough baguette.

The truffle salt turns scrambled eggs, popcorn, even plain old cottage cheese into a major thrill.” In 2013, five of the 60 items were truffle-related, including a $500 Thomas Keller truffle risotto kit that Oprah got Rita Wilson for Christmas.

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